How to Incubate Your Intellectual Property

Things You Must Do:

 Make sure you own it

 Manage your financial risk

 Raise the funds to make it happen

 Get your first cash-generating transaction

 Have an exit path for you and your partners

 Embed the skills you need for next projects


The Inventors Academy

Our program is based on nearly 40 years of building and implementing commercial models that have taken industrial, commercial and consumer products to market and generated income for inventors in months instead of years.

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The Program

The Inventors Academy Level 1 – A six-month coaching program to complete your first major cash-generating transaction for your innovation project.


My Promise

I promise to help you land your first transaction so you can use that cash to secure your project financially. When you complete the first one, you will have the funds to keep your project moving.

In the Ideation and Commercial Modelling Workshop, we will work with you to select one of these four as your mission:

 Limited early-stage capital

 Your first distribution agreement

 Your first licensing agreement*, or

 A trade-sale of your technology* to your first buyer

*a commission may also be charged

How It Works

The program is a combination of learning and training with four layers of distinctive, yet concurrent activities.

The first is we start with an online self-paced learning program to provide a comprehensive understanding of the six steps of commercialization. This is in an easy-to-learn format of video-based learning, supplemented with articles, case studies, checklists, templates and exercises, to make sure you have a firm understanding of how the process works.

When the first model of this course is completed, you will be invited to book a 4-hour Ideation and Commercial Modelling workshop with our team, so we can document your situation and map out your commercial pathway. This workshop will produce a comprehensive mind map as well as an action plan for the next 6 months for your project.

Once the workshop is complete, we plan out the program and set our weekly activities with you so you can implement the plan and we can provide you with advice and guidance as well as measure your progress and keep you accountable.

Along the way, you will meet with us on our weekly live group coaching calls and reach out for help (if you need it) in our private Facebook group.

You will also have access to our library of tools and templates to ensure you are building your learning so you can apply this to the next transaction or project.

Your Guarantee

If you can’t see this working with your project, you can cancel anytime. There are no lock-in contracts with this program. You just write to Daniel, and we cancel the program if you need.

If at the end of the 6-month program, you have not achieved the agreed objective, you can remain in the program until this is achieved – at no additional cost.

Big Bonuses

We include the following programs – some of these are sold as stand-alone courses.

  • Access to my Inventors Masterclass course (usually $1,995) from day one.
  • You get our Ideation and Commercial Modelling Workshop (the workshop takes approximately a half-day - usually $3,500)
  • Weekly live group coaching calls via zoom. (Over 40 hours of Daniel’s time)
  • Private Facebook group for our inventor community (ask anything 24/7)
  • Access to checklists, templates, tools, and some contacts, as you reach milestones.
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Meet Daniel O'Connnor

Daniel commercialized his first invention in 1984 in Perth, Western Australia. He took this PC-based software from an idea to a pre-listed Company in under 3 years and then contracted to a local University on commercializing their emerging innovation. He has 38 years of experience in commercializing intellectual property, through funding, distribution, licensing and trade sales around the World.

In 2015, while on assignment in Burma for the UN Task Force for Innovation and Competitiveness, Daniel discovered a breakthrough in how innovation projects should be funded. He formulated the Cornerstone Investment model and created an online course for inventors World-Wide, who were not able to raise capital in the traditional ways and needed to learn a better way.

Today, Daniel works with Inventors online, through this affordable group coaching program, to help as many small R&D teams and independent inventors, to achieve their first cash-generating transactions and secure their projects financially.

Daniel is an author, speaker and writer with over 200 articles and 3 books published. He has a Bachelors degree in Business, an MBA in International Business and was a PhD candidate until recently. He is a professional Company Director and has served in public and private companies, listed and unlisted, in Australia and other Asian Countries.

Customer Stories

Hear from satisfied customers and discover how our products/services have helped them achieve their goals.

"Daniel helped us raise the needed capital and secure distribution channels and retail chains in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. He kept us on track and focused on the cash flow to ensure we always had traction."

Arron French - Director AFCorp Pty. Ltd. (Australia)

"My invention was a difficult one. I knew what I needed to have it happen, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Daniel’s course helped me to formalize the plan and then develop and commercialize the product at the same time, across 2 continents."

Georg Molnar. iBat Australia

"Daniel broke down our project into its smallest parts during our workshop and we used his (hundreds of) questions to ensure our strategic planning and commercial model is oriented towards success. This process has given us a comprehensive model of how we engage with other parties, including markets, influencers, partners and investors. We're now raising capital and negotiating our strategic partnerships."

Anna Hill. River Cycleway Europe Ireland


There are four major elements to the program and three delivery systems, to ensure that all inventors - regardless of their learning styles - will be able to learn and implement what they are given, with the right level of support and coaching. 

1. The Ideation and Commercial Modelling Workshop

This workshop is 3-4 hours and is fully facilitated by Daniel. He starts with 244 questions which blow out to about 400 data points on a single-page Mindmap (you print this on an A2 sheet of paper as your war room poster).

2. Self-Paced Training on the Six Steps

These six steps of commercialization cover the end-to-end process for all innovation from post-ideation to pre-scale. This is known as the early-stage commercialization process, and it is the most difficult for inventors.

3. Weekly Live Coaching Calls

We provide weekly check-in for all members so that we can review your progress and help you set your action steps on a week-by-week basis. This is done on a group coaching call where you can ask questions and I can share answers with everyone.

4. Community

We have a private Facebook community and a public LinkedIn community forum, where we can ask questions (in the Facebook group only) and get a response within hours and use both to share our wins as we achieve our set milestones.

Take Action and Join the Next Inventors Academy Today! Limited Availability to Six Per Group Only

We make this available for six new projects per month. Registration does not guarantee a position but reserves a spot subject to Daniel’s approval.

Included in every option 

  • Training spread over six months
  • Inventors Masterclass course (value $1,995)

  •  Ideation and Commercial Modelling Workshop (value $3,500)

  •  Weekly live group coaching - 40 hours of Daniel’s time

  • Inventor community (ask anything 24/7)

  • Checklists, templates, tools, and some contacts

  • Weekly live coaching calls making sure your project remains on track to achieve agreed outcomes

Pay in Full


One time fee USD


Spread Your Payments

6 x $1,000

Six monthly payments USD


Not sure if your project will qualify to enter the Inventors Academy?

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