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Your host, Daniel J. O’Connor, has been commercializing intellectual property for 40 years, since he launched his first project in 1983. He returned to university life to secure a bachelors degree (business) and an MBA (international business).

In 2003, Daniel commenced his PhD in commercial modelling of IP, but has since published this as a book “Billion Dollar Napkin” in 2014. Daniel’s most recent innovation is the Cornerstone Investor Model for raising capital, which has enabled many inventors to raise early-stage capital - in four presentations or less - without the need for an extensive earnings history.

Daniel is the consultant principal of the Inventors Academy and provides his consulting services to inventors, R&D teams and global corporations, on a daily basis.


Key Points Covered

Don't miss this great webinar that helps inventors kickstart their projects the right way.

The Learning

How commercialisation really works and not how your accountant wants you to do it.

The Planning

We have to have a focussed plan to get ONE project, to ONE cash-generating transaction, in the program time, with a full step-by-step action plan to make it happen.

The Implementation

Knowing that most people who are good at inventing are not going to automatically be good at commercialisation, so we are in the trenches with you to make sure you are implementing the plan by meeting with you weekly (group coaching calls) to be certain.

The Accountability

Where we hold you to account on the action plan. To make sure your project is always moving, we have a reach-out option where you can booking into Daniel's calendar and have a 30-min strategy call if there is an issue you are finding difficult to get control of.

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